A comfortable cycle,

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Back story:

I started my cycles on the early side, I believe it was right before I turned 12. The first one was a shock for me, but my mom had some super plus size pads available just for me. I felt like a baby in a diaper.

After that the regular things were happening… only they weren’t so regular. My cycle length averaged 40 days and the pain was unbearable. We went to the ER so many times. Turns out I’d basically had a cyst pass every single cycle.

My mom was thankfully wise enough to refuse birth control hormones to regulate me, but I still ended up with high dose pain pills just to be able to walk through the pain.

Now, 20+ years later I can honestly say that I had an actual comfortable cycle and I want to share with you how.

The pain factors:

The first thing I found that at least got me off the pain pills was saying ‘no’ to caffeine and refined sugar for a time. After I ‘fasted’ in a sense from those my cycles were more bearable but still very very bad.

The next thing I learned was that the pads I was using were actually FULL OF CHEMICALS that actually leak out when wet and soak into the skin. I already knew I had sensitive skin, and allergies, but I didn’t know my ‘normal hygiene’ products were causing problems.

For a while Kotex offered cotton natural pads and I used those with some better results, but then they discontinued in favor of the new foam flex style. The foam flex about ruined my skin…


I did some desperate research on women’s products and decided nothing was off limits that would help. I found washable pads were trendy with good reviews, so before I made the big purchase I sewed a few myself and tried them. I loved them! But they leaked.

Thankfully I found these leak proof ones on Amazon that are amazing! One pack is enough for a cycle if you are washing them regularly.

Teamoy Pads Store

With my last baby I wanted to do natural postpartum care as well, but was afraid of flow flooding. I found these pads were the perfect solution! They come in all sizes and styles as well.

Rael Pads <- click there!

These honeypot pads are also a favorite because the soothing oils feel great and covers any smells.

Honeypot Pads

I also use clary sage essential oils for hormones during the changes and for post-partum pain.

Clary Sage Essential Oil

This last delivery broke the the idea that ‘every baby brings worse pain’ because it was my least painful recovery! And my cycles (even though I can feel a cramp now and then) are actually comfortable and not unpleasant.

I am actually looking forward to passing on this knowledge to my daughter, and sharing with her the path of comfortable cycles!

I encourage you moms of young ladies to do your own research, and pass on more knowledge to your children. I’m thankful my mom didn’t take the ‘easy way out’ of prescription hormones that would have given me more trouble in the long run. And I pray that my daughter learns more than me in the future! Let’s give those girls a good start with some healthy options.

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