Welcome to my home

Welcome to HelpingMeet.com! I’m so glad you stopped by.

My name is Samantha, and I created this site as a way to help moms out there like me, and like I was when I first got married. I was young and immature but I had big dreams and ideas. Today I am seeing those dreams become reality as I walk with God, and use my talents as He directs!

I want to encourage you, help you, challenge you, and be there for you in this incredible journey of being a Help meet and mother! Feel free to leave questions in the comments, use the contact me form, or send me a personal email! I love hearing feedback and can’t wait to meet you!

In the section titled ‘Coffee Break’ I have listed articles that will be Bible-study focused, and approximately the length of a quick coffee break so you can eat some spiritual meat to help you during your day.

In the section titled ‘The Kitchenette’ you can expect recipes, kitchen tips, and general home care. My recipes are always at the top of the article!

In the section titled ‘Homeschool Room’ you can find homeschooling and parenting tips, tricks, and recommended products to help your homeschool thrive.

May God bless you!

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